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Brain Training with Mindvalley

Are you upset with the failures in life? Do you consider lack of intelligence being one the reason for your failures?

We believe we can help you with brain training methodology! Brain training will not only help you in sharpening your brain but also help you in changing the track of your “bad innings” in life towards good innings to a great extent.

We eat a lot of “brain sharpening’ foods such as almond, fish oil etc which are considered to be good for brain. But have you ever wondered what happens to the batteries when they are not used optimally? Similarly- if you will not train your mind properly you will not be able to use it its maximum potential despite of everything that you eat in your stomach. Brain needs to be trained in a significant way to make it work for you in the desired manner.

Therefore, at MindValley Academy we provide such courses to our students that help them in sharpening their mental abilities. Here are some of the ways that we suggest to our students during the brain training programs:

Brain Training with Mindvalley

  1. Meditation:

Meditation is the best way to burst the stress. You realise immense peace and strength in your mind with meditation. Do meditation for a qualitative time every day and realise it’s wonderful effects.

  1. Be creative:

Use your creativity in the best possible manner through unique ways. We do not emphasize on motivating you to make crafts and home decor but we intend to enhance your mind’s rational thinking through logic.

  1. Write backwards:

It is not a skill but it is fun. And more than fun it is a method of putting your brain into a task which is out of its comfort zone. Lateral thinking abilities are enhanced through such practices.

  1. The inverted house games:

We make you play the games or do activities in such a way that you feel your house has got inverted upside down. This brain training activity makes you to see the things from a new dimension which is not conventional.

  1. Music therapies:

We impart classical music therapies to our students and emphasise on the importance of good music for brain. Your brain responds to the musical vibes and generates emotions which are good for a healthy mind.

  1. Beauty sleep:

Sleeping for 6-8 hours a day is essential for a healthy body and mind. Do not compromise on your sleep routine and make sure your body gets adequate rest. Take short nap in the day time during lunch hours. It helps in regaining the lost metabolic energy and leading the other half of the day with enthusiasm.

  1. Jot down the ideas:

Keep a diary in which you can keep record of all ideas and pending works to be done. It will help you in boosting your mind’s retaining power as when we write something our mind is able to retain it better. Also, it keeps your idea intact and you do not miss on important things in life.

  1. Play brain games:

One of the essentials of brain training is to play the brain games such as brain teasers, puzzles, riddles etc. They help in enhancing your brain’s analytical thinking ability significantly. We have stipulated format of courses that help in boosting your brain power significantly.