Secret Ingredients of Kickass Video Resume

Submitting a video resume for job application is becoming a trend today. A short video created by a candidate to describe the professional qualification and skills is called a video resume. There are tips which you can follow to make and impressive video resume. Creating a Video Resume, it is important that you must know how to record your own video on the computer. But if you don’t know that, then there are many websites that can explain that process to you in very simple and easy to follow steps. Please, go through that before you start to make a resume.

Make sure that the hardware that you are using for recording the video and audio are of great quality. There should be no loss in quality of video or sound, this can actually act as negative for you. Also, use good software for the recording of the video. Software that can help you remove minor flaws in picture quality would be better.

Secret Ingredients of Kickass

Tips to Create a Kickass Video Resume · Dress in the same way as if you are going for any other professional interview. · Be descriptive but be short, don’t waste time using filler words. Try to keep length of resume 2 to 3 minutes. · Be calm and speak clearly, don’t speak too fast. · There should be no background noise that gets recorded in the video. Try to choose a quiet place for recording the resume. · Practice the resume in front of a mirror, before actually recording it.

 It is ok to make 2 or 3 recordings and then choosing the best one. · Always mention your name at the start and at the end. · Try to be specific about your professional details and not too much about your personal details. · Describe your qualities as a good employee and how you can be beneficial for the company if they hire you. · Thanks at the end to the viewer for watching your resume.

Benefits of Video Resume There are several benefits of video resume: · In this resume you interact with the viewer in a visual way, just like a normal one on one interview. But rectify your mistakes you make by re-recording. · Lot of jobs require you to have good looks and you can get an edge in getting those jobs if you use video resumes. · There is nothing to lose if you send a video resume that is well made. Things to Remember Sending a video resume doesn’t mean that you don’t have to send a traditional resume. Remember that the main purpose of the video interview is to highlight your qualities which are otherwise mentioned in detail in your conventional resume.

Also, some employers may not prefer to have their employees chosen on their looks. But still a well-made video can boost your chances of getting the job. Submitting a video resume has several benefits and there are no negatives of it, if it is prepared in the right way. By following the tips in this write-up you can surely make an impressive video resume.