Tips and Guide

What Dental Assistant Do Inside The Clinic

It is a good choice for anyone who has a career as a dental assistant who has great communication skills and enjoys meeting the public. This flexible job provides consistent employment opportunities.

What Does A Dental Assistant Do?

The dental assistant performs a whole gamut of duties being an integral member of any dental office team and they work with the dentist as well as the office staff and helps in any way they ask. The dental assistant education requirements and its training for being a dental assistant vary greatly from state to state as well as their duties and responsibilities. Duties of dental assistants:

Dental Assistant Do Inside The Clinic

  • They schedule and confirm appointments
  • Maintain accurate patient records
  • Collect and record a patient’s medical history
  • Assisting the dentist with procedures, treatment, and examinations
  • Taking x-rays
  • Provides patients care and education
  • They understand the function of and appropriately using dental materials and supplies
  • Seating patients for procedures and treatment and ensure that they are comfortable
  • Educate patients about proper oral care
  • They prepare sterile instruments and tools and handing them to the dentist
  • And they use equipment such as suction hoses and dental supplies to maintain comfort for patients during procedures.

Guide to Becoming Dental Assistant

  1. Earn a High School Diploma or GED – a high school diploma or GED is always recommended and will be necessary to obtain appropriate licensing and certification even though some states may not need formal training as a dental assistant.
  2. Select a Program for Earning Credentials – select an appropriate credentialed program after obtaining a high school diploma. Having gotten a degree or certification from a certified program makes the licensing and accreditation process less demanding.
  3. Participate in On-the-Job Training – learning the role of a dental assistant through on the job training is all that is required in some states.
  4. Apply for and Obtain Licensing – licensing should be applied for and obtained after appropriate training. The regulations vary greatly from state to state in this process but some states don’t require at all.
  5. Acquire Advance Credentials – candidates must graduate from an approved school or program, possess a current CPR certificate, and pass a national examination in order to be eligible to take this exam and earn this certification.
  6. Prepare for the future – opportunities abound for advancement in this field. Here are the credentials in specialized areas for dental assisting:
  • COA – Certified Orthodontic Assistant
  • CPFDA – Certified Preventative Functions Dental Assistant
  • CRFDA – Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant

The Average Training Program Duration

Depending upon the program selected, dental assistant education and training programs may be as short as nine months or as long as two years. The nine-month to one-year programs results in an authentication of consummation which gets the job done for some licenses. But when a candidate completes the two-year program, they earn an associate degree and these degree holders are eligible for the more advanced licensing and are eligible to advance their career.